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Professionalism and Experience you can trust......

Established in 1972, just one year after the opening of Seychelles’ international airport and the birth of the country’s tourism industry, Mason's the oldest travel company in Seychelles. And with age comes experience.

Building upon over three decades of meeting the needs and expectations of clients from around the world, Masons is today uniquely positioned to offer tropical luxury to Seychelles’ visitors.
Operating exclusively in Seychelles means the Masons – from the founder and Executive Director of the company, Kathy Mason, to our friendly frontline staff – provides a service perfectly tailored to bringing the very best of Seychelles to the most discerning of visitors.

This commitment to customer care and the achievement of the highest possible standard enabled Masons to become the first ISO 9002 accredited destination management company in Seychelles.

Today Masons provides a full range of products and services to enable you to experience Seychelles at its best, from arrival to departure. We offer:

  • Tailor-made services
  • Groups & Incentives
  • Sales & Marketing
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • International flights
  • Airline representation
  • Ground Handling
  • Helicopter flights
  • Domestic flights
  • Hotel bookings
  • Car rentals
  • Private transfers
  • Guided tours
  • VIP services
  • Island hopping
  • Fishing
  • Sailing & Yachting
  • Scuba diving
  • Golfing
  • Weddings
  • Walks & Trails

While the knowledge of the tourism industry acquired by the company over the last 35 years is unsurpassed, we rely on the personality, local knowledge and friendliness of our highly trained staff to provide you with a unique, personalised and truly Seychellois holiday experience.

Masons Managing Director Alan Mason grew up in the company and has learnt how each department relies upon and supports each other. Today at the helm of the company he has emphasized the importance of providing high quality products and highly trained staff to keep Masons at the head of Seychelles’ tourism industry:

“Since the foundation of the company in 1972, Masons has striven to take a holistic view of the services we provide. A continued emphasis on first rate product provision and focused staff training have helped the fledgling company to grow to what is today recognized as the leading travel company in Seychelles, providing the highest levels of service to our clients from touch down to take off.

To ensure that we continually meet our own high standards Masons has invested heavily in the infrastructure required to support our operations, both in the back-office and frontline. Through ownership of the cars, buses and boats which we use to provide services to our clients we are uniquely positioned to be able to consistently deliver on our promises without relying upon outside agencies.

However, of far greater importance to the success of our business and our clients’ Seychelles experience, are the dedicated Masons staff. While operating in a goal-oriented environment, dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Masons staff are nonetheless encouraged to retain the warm and welcoming disposition which makes a visit to Seychelles such a uniquely enjoyable experience.

And while choosing only the best people to work at Masons, as a company we look first and foremost for employees with positive attitudes and outlooks, and are happy to invest in the training they need to fulfill their potential. In the highly competitive and mobile job market of the tourism industry Masons is proud of its high number of dedicated veteran staff.

Coupled with our unsurpassed logistical and human resources base is our experience as a destination management company, stretching back to the early 1970’s, the longest of any travel company in Seychelles. The experience amassed over the last four decades means that Masons fully understands all facets of Seychelles and the country’s tourism industry.

Our team of highly trained, professional staff means that complaints are almost non-existent, but when they do occur they are immediately addressed by a team of senior staff to ensure a quick, satisfactory resolution. We understand that any complaint is an opportunity to learn and that truly listening and responding to client feedback will allow Masons to continue to offer the highest possible levels of service delivery.

At Masons we are proud of the reputation we have earned through experience, professionalism and dedication to customer service. And we continue to work hard every day to ensure that we maintain our position as the preeminent travel company in Seychelles.”


General Manager, Eddie D’Offay joined the Masons team in 2004, bringing with him 15 years experience in Seychelles’ travel and tourism industry, experience he quickly put to use at Masons:

“A commitment to keeping our promises has been my philosophy since joining Masons. Using the same ethos of meticulous time keeping and precision service delivery, in which I was immersed while working in the airline support industry, I have focused on ensuring that the warmth and friendliness of Masons’ frontline staff is supported by a consistently goal-oriented approach by all levels of back-office staff.

A personal knowledge of Masons’ staff and the products and services they provide has enabled me to guarantee that, if we offer a service, it will be delivered. At Masons we understand that the reputation we have built over the last three decades is our most valuable asset and that keeping our promises – be they sending out information to a customer within 24 hours or providing ground handling services for an entire charter flight – is key to ensuring the future success of our company and the enjoyability of your holiday.

At the same time as refocusing service delivery at Masons, I have also sought to improve our operational synergy with our partners in the travel trade. Efforts to understand both the differences between the markets we serve as well as the differences within the markets has enabled us to tailor our products to meet the needs of the most discerning clients from around the world.

A reflection of our success in harmonising our service provision with the expectations of our clients is the decision made by Israeli travel company Medraft to appoint Masons as its local representative, entrusting us to handle all of their Seychelles operations, from the arrival of their first charter flight to the departure of the last guests of the season.

In addition Masons is tour operator of choice for the world’s major insurance providers who know that, if an emergency arises, they can rely on Masons to meet the needs of their clients.

At Masons we intend to continue keeping our promise to make your holiday special.”

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